1. price

The prices that appear next to the products in this catalog are those that appear in the Polygarage.eu price catalog for end consumers, in force at the time of shipment of the products, these are set in euros with VAT . the prices of products which do not appear in this virtual store, although these products are available for sale, will be established by mutual agreement between the parties, the buyer having to indicate his acceptance in writing. the prices that appear in this virtual store are aimed at the end customer market.

2. taxes

At the time of order confirmation and in the invoice, the prices of the products are presented with the value corresponding to VAT at the rate in force in the buyer's country.

3. other costs

Shipping costs are included in the price of the product and are valid for the European community.

4. payment terms

Customers located on European territory will have to make payments using the following means:

– by bank transfer to the account and banking details indicated by Polygarage.eu during the purchase process.

– using one of the credit cards accepted in our virtual store.

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